My name is *****, but you can call me Ilya. I am a constantly paranoid individual, always waiting for the worst to happen. And I have access to the internet.
I'm honestly shocked that the url nautiluspompilius wasn't taken. I was so sure that somebody had taken it before I did, but this wasn't the case.
I've always found the ocean (or other large bodies of water) rather calming, but also scary. I've always had a fondness for nautiluses ever since I had discovered their existence, and the same goes for the band Nautilus Pompilius. I'll explain how I discovered them in another page.
Other than nautiluses and the band, I am very fond of cats. I don't do much else, and I barely have interest in anything anymore.
you can read more about me here.

this is my cyberslug! his name is lyosha. you can adopt a cyberslug here!